Learn what this exclusive enclave high above the city has to offer by reading our Kalorama real estate and neighborhood guide.

Welcome to Kalorama

An exclusive enclave high above the city.

Kalorama—Greek for “fine view”—gets its name from a large, classical estate built on one of the city’s highest elevations in 1807. Though the estate is gone, the eponymous neighborhood is now home to some of DC’s chicest addresses, from diplomatic homes and embassies to Mediterranean, Colonial, and Georgian-revival mansions. You can find many beautiful, historic houses for sale in Kalorama.

What to Expect

A world away from it all.

As one of the city’s earliest developments, the leafy streets of this wholly residential neighborhood are off the grid—they were exempted from DC’s gridded street layout system as development crept outward from downtown. The result is that these distinguished homes and classic old apartment buildings feel a world away from the bustling city around them.

The Lifestyle

“Do Not Disturb.”

Peace and quiet are the rules of this close-knit community, where security is tight around the homes of former President Barack Obama and current presidential advisors Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Its residents—be they ambassadors and diplomats, cabinet secretaries, or C-suite executives—come home to escape. Rather than their high-ranking jobs or social lives, they’re more likely to talk about their dogs, children, parking woes, and other typical neighborhood chit chat when they meet on Kalorama’s sidewalks and parks.

Unexpected Appeal

International flavor.

Kalorama is home to dozens of embassies that open their doors to the public every spring. You can also get on individual embassy email lists for public concerts, lectures, and exhibits held throughout the year. In other words, there is no shortage of culture here.

The Market

Rarefied real estate.

Kalorama is not an up and coming area, but has been prospering throughout history. There are many Kalorama homes for sale built in the early 20th century, and the city’s elite pay millions to snap one up when it comes on the market. Navigating such a fast-paced and competitive real estate market can be difficult, to say the least. To avoid the headaches of combing through listings, fighting on fair market value, evaluating lenders, and other pitfalls of the home-buying process, it's highly advised that you work with an established team of Kalorama real estate agents.

You'll Fall in Love With

Enchanting streets and forested views.

A walk around Kalorama’s curving lanes reveals exquisite architecture, manicured gardens, and views into Rock Creek Park.

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